At Kinetic Design Build, relationships form the foundation for every project.

We love to work with people who want to work with people like us. Our first responsibility is to make sure you get just what you want. Everything else flows from a shared vision.

We believe construction should be a collaborative, rather than an adversarial process, with honesty and fairness guiding every interaction between a design-build firm and their clients. We know that sometimes what’s going on behind your drywall can feel like a mystery, and we are here to help you understand that mystery - not exploit it.

When you work with Kinetic Design Build, pricing will be straightforward. We may not come in with the lowest bid, but you’ll know just what you’re getting for your money. We only use the best materials and practices to ensure quality that lasts. Our subcontractors have known us for years, reinforcing a strong working relationship built on trust and exceptional craftsmanship.

Every firm has a gallery of beautiful photos showing the work they’ve done. For Kinetic Design Build, these photos are a nice perk—but they’re not the goal. No one here is motivated by ego. We’re not trying to push a certain aesthetic.

Our sole focus is you and your vision. We'll work with you to ask the right questions, discover your story, and help guide you through the often overwhelming construction and renovation process. Hopefully, we help uncover those design goals you might not yet even know yourself. 

Not all days on a canoe trip are sun-filled and windless, but they’re not all rain squalls either. Likewise, construction projects are filled with progress and peril. In both cases, Kinetic Construction knows the way forward, and if one doesn’t exist, we’ll make one together.