From residential kitchen and bath remodels to finishing a basement, Kinetic Design Build has the expertise to aptly guide you along your design journey.

    Thinking bigger? We have noticed an increased demand from our clients for longer-term construction strategies that follow the arc of your life. Should you sell? Should you tear down the house and rebuild it? Is renovation the best option? What part of a project should you tackle first? Perhaps most importantly, how much will all this cost? We are prepared to advise you with the larger picture in mind.

    In addition to more straightforward design-build solutions, Kinetic Design Build offers specialized design, art consultation, and interior decor guidance with Kinetic Contemporary.



    • Kitchen Remodels

    • Bath Remodels
    • Basement Remodels
    • Additions


    Residential Homes

    • We will work with you to design and build a home, whether it's a renovation or from ground up.

    Second Homes

    • Looking to build or renovate a cabin or vacation home? We can help bring your dream to fruition. 


    • Building and architectural design

    • Restaurant and retail build-out

    • Commercial art installations 



    We work with you to provide custom designs representing the vision actualized from our concept discussions. Looking for a design concept only? We partner with a large network of seasoned architects, contractors, and builders to place you in the right plans for the construction phase. 

    Artwork:  Wesley Kimler  |  Photography by: Tom Bierlein

    Artwork: Wesley Kimler  |  Photography by: Tom Bierlein


    Kinetic Contemporary is our-in house interior design and art consulting service. From custom mood boards and interior design direction to selecting furniture, fabrics, and art work, we cover every detail.



    Finishing touches with no details left behind—our team of experts leave you with a sense of workmanship and style second to none.


    Our Consultation Process

    An initial inquiry starts with a brief conversation. Generally, we have found conversations tend to fall within three separate scenarios


    Scenario 1:

    Looking for a bathroom or kitchen remodel or redesign?

    After we gather some feedback on a few pertinent questions, we'll most likely be able to give you a project estimate. This is the most common - and straightforward - situation we encounter with potential clients.

    Scenario 2:

    Looking for something more complex and unsure of the details? Such scenarios would include:

    • Questions about how potential remodeling can affect the value of your home
    • Home equity evaluations
    • What type of projects can be accomplished given a set budget

    Any project that falls within this scope necessitates a consultation.  A consultation requires dedicated time and effort to fully investigate your goals, budget, and expectations so that we might present you with a detailed plan. 

    Consultation fees start at $300.

    Scenario 3:

    Have an estimated budget in mind and know exactly what you would like the project to entail? We are ready to meet with you to discuss how Kinetic Design Build and Kinetic Contemporary can bring added value to your project.


    A few caveats

    It is important to be upfront about expectations. With over two decades of experience in the construction and contracting industry, we have a few points of advice to share about the consultation process:

    • During initial conversations, a client's estimated "budget" is considered a desired "maximum cost". Maximum cost is different than an actual budget. A budget can only be defined once all project parameters have been examined in full. Once we have given a detailed look at the scope and expectations of your project, we can then provide you with an accurate project budget.


    • Design work - including design concepts, plans, and drawings - are the first step of any project. Should you choose to work with us on design, we require a retainer (generally, a quarter of the total proposed design cost) to get started. After several meetings and measuring for your project, we will come back to you with 3 design proposals (dependent on the project) to represent different design directions.


    • Should you decide to continue to move forward with us on the design process, the remainder of the design cost is due. At this stage, we will create architectural plans you can then take to the city or another builder to start a project. Here you will have "plans in hand" for construction to begin.



    As a small design/build firm, we can provide the most accurate numbers on a project's proposed cost. Why? We have a foot in both the design and construction worlds, providing us with a wealth of hands-on experience and knowledge. As a general rule of thumb, 6-12% of the total project cost is dedicated to design (depending on the scope of a project). We can make best use of that money by providing one-on-one attention and keen listening skills. For us, it is not about ego - it is about providing you with the highest level of customer service and craftsmanship to realize your design vision.